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Hi, I'm Rachel The Foot Lady Professional Reflexology and hcpc registered

Hi, I'm Rachel

I studied at Queen Margaret University Edinburgh for 4 years to qualify with a 1st class honours degree in Podiatric medicine. My first job was working at UWIC in Cardiff as a clinical podiatrist and researcher looking at the effectiveness of various therapies used in Podiatry. I then travelled to India to work as a podiatrist as part of a multidisciplinary team working with leprosy Patients and their carers in Calcutta for 12 months. On arriving back in the UK I trained to be a Podiatry Teacher at the London Foot Hospital before setting up a private podiatry practice in a Physiotherapy Centre in Leamington Spa. I married a Welsh man and hence moved back to Wales to raise my family of 3 beautiful boys in Aberthin just outside Cowbridge. More recently and through many years of working with feet and conversations with my clients in and around Cowbridge, I decided that I wanted to provide a more holistic therapy - I get a sense that more and more people are becoming more aware of the benefits of this approach, not just looking at the physical but also the emotional and mental effects on the body. This is when I enrolled at Inspira Cardiff, the UK's premier training centre for reflexology and the only place in the UK that provides a level 5 certification to date. It was during my time at Inspira that I discovered how the mind and our emotions lead to the physical problems seen in our feet and therefore our whole bodies. As a result I am now able to achieve my vision of providing a complete and holistic service for all my clients, encompassing both orthodox and complimentary medicine.

The other thing I have found with working with feet over the years is that certain foot types, toe shapes etc seem to correlate with peoples personalities, it was during my time at Inspira Cardiff and through further reading that I discovered the art of foot reading. I practiced this on numerous friends and decided to incorparate it into a party Format.

I also converted from being a customer of Aloe Vera and Bee Products to a distributor for Forever living. I am a true believer of the effects of Aloe Vera and bee products and find they really compliment my work as both a podiatrist and reflexologist and so incorporate these into my treatment sessions where possible. A whole range of Aloe vera products from lip balms to nutritional gel drinks can be ordered through myself.

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Rachel Jones

  • 1st Class Honours degree in PodIatry
  • Level 5 in reflexology
  • Fully insured both as a Podiatrist and Reflexologist
  • Full member of Professional Reflexology
  • Registered with the Health Professions Council

Living and working in the Vale of Glamorgan. Rachel provides treatments in her own home just outside Cowbridge or can travel within a 10mile radius of Cowbridge to treat you in the comfort of your own home. (areas include Cowbridge, the Vale of Glamorgan, Cardiff and Bridgend)

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