Sole to soul - a holistic approach


Meaning two feet, is the practice of working both feet at the same time, this is a new technique which is proving to have profound effects. Reflexology to date has involved treating one foot at a time (half the body at a time) where as duopody treats each system at a time giving a more balanced therapy. The advantage of using this technique is that each treatment can be tailored to address an individuals specific needs on the day of treatment. It allows specific systems to be worked on i.e Digestive, Respiratory, Immune and other techniques can be integrated into the treatment plan providing a tailor made treatment at each visit.

Other techniques used alongside Duopody or as a stand alone treatment:-

  • Hand Reflexology CALM technique or reflectotherapy for stress- balances extremes of energy and tension
  • Universal Technique to help release emotion, mental activity and thoughts
  • Metamorphic Technique a self empowering technique working just on the head and spinal reflexes (feet or hands)
  • Linking creates energetic links between systems or organs in order to achieve balance.

Duopody / Reflexology Prices

  • Initial Consultation and Treatment
    40 for 1.5 hrs (50 mobile)
  • Follow up treatments
    35 (45 mobile)

Combination Therapies

  • Duopody / Reflexology combined with general Podiatry
  • Duopody / Reflexology combined with Aloe Vera Foot Spa

General Podiatry Combined with Aloe Vera Foot Spa

Duopody - the practice of working both feet at the same time

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