Sole to soul - a holistic approach


Here's what just some of our customers had to say about us...

Susan Farmer

I would recommend Rachel to any one. If you are sceptical about reflexology you will be converted. I was amazed at what she diagnosed from my feet. She managed to treat some deep rooted problems very quickly. She definitely has the magic touch and such a lovely personality too. The foot reading parties sound like fun too. A great idea to get friends together .

Nicky Hall

I had always wanted to try reflexology but had such awful skin on my feet that I was always too embarrassed to do so. Having treatment with Rachel was fantastic as she is a qualified podiatrist as well, so diagnosed my flaky feet as eczema! Over the weeks my feet changed and became the best they have ever been, but more importantly the therapeutic and holistic benefits that I received were more than I ever realised! I can honestly say that I have changed my thinking about many things since receiving treatment and have adopted some of the methods into my life, with great results!

Sian Wilson

The Reflexology has made such positive improvements to my health and well being. Always such a professional and friendly service from Rachel. I look forward to every appointment

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